What is Narrative Therapy?

What is Narrative Therapy?

Within narrative therapy, there is a basic assumption that individuals organize and make meaning of their identities and experiences through stories/narratives. These narratives are strengthened over time through circulation and reinforcement which often pushes out alternative stories or possibilities. Narrative therapy takes environmental, social, and cultural context into consideration and understands that they cannot be separated from the problems people face. The narrative therapist and client work together to unpack certain stories and create new ones for the preferred way the client wants to walk through the world and live their lives. Narrative therapy is a creative modality that utilizes expressive mediums such as letter writing, drawing/sketching/colouring, vlogging, meme-watching/creating, etc. There is an openness about narrative therapy that leaves space for the client to lead with their knowledge and lived experience. The narrative therapist brings themselves into the therapeutic process, understanding that they come to this work with their own identities and lived experiences as well.

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