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Samuel Romero, ExAT (he/him) is an Expressive Arts Therapist, Artist, Musician, and Professional Member of OEATA (Ontario Expressive Arts Therapy Association). Samuel’s work engages the imagination through movement, painting, writing, sculpture, play, sound and music to facilitate healing and growth. Grief and trauma, anxiety and depression are complex matters that can be difficult to put into words. By exploring creative modalities, Samuel offers other forms of communication that can be supportive and healing. He works with children, refugees, couples, BIPOC, and individuals from all life paths. Samuel is Salvadoran-born and offers sessions in Spanish and English.

I offer individual, couples and group therapy in Spanish and English.


As an Expressive Arts Therapist, I employ creative modalities to facilitate the journey of healing and personal growth. Grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, personal and relational issues can be difficult to verbally communicate. I believe the body and imagination offer other ways to help express and self-understand. ExAT is an experiential mode of therapy which means one is invited to journey through their inner world and discover other ways of seeing oneself. I work with images, movement, story, music, mindfulness, and free play to support one’s process. Artwork and expressions are not viewed as “successful” or “failure” in this therapeutic approach. Rather, the activation of images and the body is seen as ways to dissolve limitations and judgments. Shaping and reshaping imagery can lead to surprising discoveries where insight and growth are possible. I work with you to gather forms and ideas from which the interplay of the Arts help to reveal ways one can understand and integrate ailments of body, heart, mind and soul.

Professional Experience

I graduated from ExAT training from Langara College in 2017 and worked in Surrey Public Schools with refugee children from around the world until 2020. I have since been working with individuals from all life paths seeking healing and growth.

Expressive Arts Therapy is a powerful and effective mode of therapy for a wide and diverse range of distressful life experiences. I specialize in working with grief, life transitions, trauma, depression, intimacy, relationships and men’s work.

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